News: TikTok ads score high in survey

A survey of 14,500 consumers, with 290 brands in 23 markets and 900 senior marketers, found that TikTok ads rank highest in audience preference and image.

TikTok ads are seen as the most fun and entertaining. This is mainly because the app is all about collaboration and brands can appear without bothering the TikToker. In contrast: they are often of real added value.

Marketers also indicate that TikTok has the most innovative way of advertising and makes it easy for both small and large companies to produce videos using the various tools the app offers.

Finally, the research showed that decision-makers within a household prefer TikTok advertisements in thirteen of the fourteen categories studied, such as cosmetics, travel and electronics.

Enough reason for a company that is not yet on TikTok to discover this app now!

Survey: Kantar.