Blog: What to do with Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are booming, although the concept is similar to that of TikTok, small differences make this feature of added value for the Instagram user. In this blog we take a closer look at how you can use Instagram Reels as a business.

First things first

Now if you have no idea what it's about, you've missed an important new way of creating and sharing videos. Instagram Reels makes it possible to reach the users of the app with videos up to 60 seconds. With tools within the function, you can get creative to make it the most important minute ever for your business. This way you can determine the speed of your clip, add music and make several clips in one video, which allows you to create cool transitions.

Sharing is caring

If you have created a reel (go to the story screen and click on reels at the bottom), you can choose to place it on your feed after uploading. This is recommended, because this way you also share the video with your followers, who can immediately initiate the first interaction. In addition, you can also share the reel to your story. No matter what you do, the video will automatically appear on a separate part of your profile. But that's not the only way for someone to find your video; if you create your own catchy audio, others may want to use it too. When they make a video using your audio, their viewers can end up at your profile again.

An important reason to make videos with Instagram Reels is that they often appear on the explore page. In addition, someone who watches reels often takes a while to scroll and if you seem relevant to this person, there is a good chance that you will appear between those videos. Good for the awareness of your product and/or company!

Choose your content

You can promote your business or product in several ways with Instagram Reels. Using the tool, you can simply show your brand or product, you can share behind the scenes, share discount codes and you can inform by, for example, making a list or showing a life hack. Whatever you do, keep the content pure and don't over-sell. Giving a sales pitch is more likely to backfire. Keep it human and interact with the consumer and viewer.

Bepaal je strategie

Now you could just start taking a video, but you could also do research beforehand. Find out which videos your target audience reacts positively to and which gap Instagram Reels can fill in your marketing strategy. Determine a budget for creating and possibly advertising good videos. Adjust your strategy based on the first results you get.

Using Instagram Reels next to TikTok is wise because you address a different target group and because you can use your own followers. Do not share TikTok videos in your reels as the algorithm reacts badly to watermarks.