Made for social is a place where creators, brands and fans unite to create content we love & share.


About us

Speed to market and cost effective production is our thing. Our in house creative studio caters to the niches. Adapted to every platform, feed, device, audience or culture. We are the now- gen creators. Unbound, free and sometimes a bit naive and wild. We’re conscious, social and value authenticity. 


Vision & Mission

Creators and consumers are changing rapidly, we’re seeing more and more different, unique styles of filming, editing, design and entertainment every day. Online through rapidly emerging platforms and in cinemas (be it with a delay) we're getting surprised by new ways of telling stories everyday.

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3 steps ahead in social first entertainment.

For brands

We create, produce and distribute social content, branded channels & web series

For creators

We help creators reaching their full potential. Connecting them to our network of creatives, producers and brands

For fans

We create, produce and publish niche formats that we independently distribute & promote through OTT platforms. 

What we do

 It is our mission to create a place   where Creators, Brands and Fans unite to create content we   love & share. 

 Contact us at +31 (0)20 290 0194