iDex is a group of creative media production agencies. Each member has its own expertise, positioning, independent p&l and are facilitated by the shared services provided by iDex.

Deeply connected by the shared love for audiovisual communication. We create and distribute scripted and non scripted content for VOD Platforms, Publishers, Broadcasters, Agencies, Brands and organizations that need experts in communication through video.

The Core


With exponentially growing amounts of content, gaining and retaining attention is the name of the game. Great ideas help you do that. And excellence in  execution makes the difference in being truly successful. Especially since today's viewers are more demanding and impatient than ever.

Our mission

The video industry is undergoing rapid change, similar to the music industry with all it's genres and niches, a democratised creation process and a scattered landscape of channels. Our mission is to help brands navigate this complex field in order to successfully make a difference. 

What we do

We develop and fund companies that cater to niches in all areas of audiovisual content creation, distribution and craftsmanship. Delivering dedicated quality content to target groups across cultures and platforms. Creating a thriving ecosystem for creators and the brands they work for. 

Our brands

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High end media production

Our films are not just a subsequent series of pretty shots. They are a culmination of experience, craftsmanship, science and art blended to convert viewers into fans through audiovisual content. We don’t discriminate platforms or medium. As long as it has a screen, we love to create content that moves the viewer, emotionally & physically.

Wonder The People

Video content marketing 

Wonder The People is content marketing agency with a love for social video. We unravel the interests of your audience and make content that interests, engages and ultimately wonders them. With a fast growing team of over 45 enthusiasts, we create, produce and distribute video content for over 500 clients from our office in Amsterdam.


Made for Social

Social content & web series

Speed to market and cost effective production is our thing. Our in house creative studio caters to the niches. Adapted to every platform, feed, device, audience or culture. We are the now- gen creators. Unbound, free and sometimes a bit naive and wild. We’re conscious, social and value authenticity.

Launching Q2 2021



YouTube channel about the mind, science and technology.

Hubble is a YouTube channel that creates data driven editorial content about the mind, science and technology. The video's are researched, written, and produced in-house. Our goal is to bring knowledge on current topics that go beyond the daily news. Easy tot digest, with character and humor, without over simplifying or dumbing down our topics.


Hubble went live on Feb 18 of 2021 and will upload a new episode at least once every 2 weeks.

Check the YouTube channel

Sigur Pictures

Documentary, series & film production

Sigur Pictures creates non-fiction documentaries, films & series for global platforms and local broadcasters. Conscious and open minded, we reconstruct events, dive into human behavior, and create films that are true to the facts and with a touch of dramaturgy.

Management team

Joop Voorhorst

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Head of Operations

Pleuni de Zeeuw

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Head of Media sales

Sjoerd van Renselaar

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Head of Major Accounts

Kevin Wetzels

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Bas Vermeulen

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